Cassidys Pub
Croide na Boirne
Carron, Co. Clare, Ireland
Tel +353 65 708 9109
Fax +353 65 708 9232

Cassidy's Pub and Restaurant Environmental Policy

At Cassidy's we recognise that we live in a unique and fragile area and that how we run our business, effects the local and broader environment.

We strive to keep our impact as minimal as possible and aim to do this by Recycling our waste, using renewable sources of energy and where ever possible using recycled products to Prevent and minimise pollution.

We intend to do this by Monitoring on a continuous basis our environmental impact and work practices and instilling in our family and staff a responsible attitude towards the environment

Presently we are

Conserving water with efficient toilet and washroom facilities Recycling all glass and metal

Using only ecological cleaning products

Using wood to heat as much as possible

Using solar to heat our water

Using our own organically reared native breeds for the beef in our restaurant

Sourcing other meat and vegetables locally where possible

Educating our staff on the Burren code and leave no trace

Recycling all our food waste to feed animals

Supplying drinks on tap or in returnable bottles

Using our lawn clippings to fertilize our shrubs