As we are situated in an area so rich in features unique to the Burren our Daily menu takes a light-hearted look at some of them and attempts to describe both the feature and the dish it represents.

Most of our menu and even desserts are available in a gluten free option and our homemade gluten free Pizza base is proving to be a huge hit

If you are looking for something to ponder on while you have your meal, we are always delighted to hear suggestions for new names or descriptions. 

Because of the terrain and land ownership in the burren

through the years, goats were always an important part of life here. Goats milk, cheese and kid meat (mionàin) were almost the staple diet for the local people.

Our menu reflects this with a selection of mionàin and Burren goat cheese dishes. These, with some of the wild herbs and plants native to the area, coupled with the distinct scenery will give a unique Burren feel to your dining experience. Our remote location and our belief in old style values are reflected in our food and hospitality.

Everything served in our restaurant is home-cooked on the premises and only natural ingredients are used.


We are now doing business with a local fiserman who trawls the west coast from Kerry to North Galway, he is supplying us directly with fish and seafood at a reasonable cost, so we can offer an exceptional deal on the freshest seafood and fish.

In May 2005 we started a "Fresh fish and Seafood Night" on Friday nights which has proven very popular.
This is a five Course Meal with choices of Scallops, Shrimp, Crab, Salmon, Prawns, Chowder, Lobster, Mussels, clams, Monkfish and various other "Catch of the day" choices.

Everything on the plate will have left the sea within 48 hours, so we guarantee it's freshness and at only €35 the value speaks for itself.
If you prefer to stay on shore chicken, steak and vegetarian dishes are also available. We start our Friday Night Seafood on May 4th for the 2015 season



Our new Pizza Menu has proven extremely popular over the last 6 years for both eat in and take out. These stone baked pizzas are made from freshly made homemade dough and include gluten free bases to cater for all needs and health requirements.


Our new and improved Childrens Menu also caters for many different tastes making your dining experience at our restaurant an enjoyable one for the whole family.

We also offer Specials such as Earlybird deals and Family meal-deals.

For Reservations Call 065 70-8-9-10-9